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Cookies and activity monitoring

Cookies are used in this Internet presentation.

What are cookies?

As a cookie, the HTTP protocol indicates a small amount of data that a WWW server sends to a browser that stores it on a user’s computer. Each time the server visits the same server, the browser sends the data back to the server. Cookies are typically used to distinguish individual users, store user preferences, and so simplify the use of sites.

Cookies are stored on the client (user) side as short text files.

Cookies are no danger to the computer itself. Nevertheless, cookies are important for protecting privacy. The site you visit may store any information that a visitor finds in the cookie and can thus gradually track the interests of a particular visitor. However, cookies can not be used to identify visitors.

Information from cookies can be used for targeted advertising, statistical evaluation of visitor behavior, etc. without the user’s knowledge, etc. However, this information can also be obtained without cookies, so their use can not be considered as particularly dangerous.

Freely drawn fromWikipedie.

How we use cookies?

They serve for the very functionality of the site. For example, you may want to know which language you prefer or login information.

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How to check cookies settings in different browsers

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