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Come over and you won’t regret

Choose from the wide variety of activities in the heart of the Alps …


Zell am See and its surrounding area is prefect for winter and summer sports as well as for history lovers and travellers.

Do not hesitate to visit our boarding houses and enjoy the beauties of Alpine valleys, high mountains and glaciers, picturesque towns and unforgettable walks.

For further information about available activities, check the left menu of these websites. However, do not consider that to be the full list of accessible activities. If you visit some tourist attraction or try some sport not mentioned here, please do share your experience with us. We will greatly appreciate that.


Alpen chalets
Zellermoosstrasse 34a + b
A-5700 Zell am See
GPS:+47° 17' 36.92", +12° 46' 59.69"